[NANOG] Juniper vs Foundry

I'm looking to replace some old aging extreme black diamonds. I run a
semi decent size data center and I'm looking at a few options.

right now we run cables from patch to patch to a 2 core switches. So
it takes 3 patch cables to get it all the way back to the core from
the customers rack/shared rack. Our new plan is to put a few switches
per row. for a total of 8 rows. So two switches per row. Now here are
my options.

Two core switches which do all layer 3, edge switches on racks doing
layer 2 vlans up to the core switch.

two layer 2 switches for distro, using Virtual Chassis groups for each
set of switches on rows which do layer 3. Yes my OSPF grows because
now instead of 2 layer 3 switches i now i have 8 VC groups.

Anyone have any suggestions? Anyone using foundry? Anyone using
Juniper Switches. What do you think? I know the juniper are pretty new
and i'm looking at for some some success stories, but i'm also looking
for some pitfalls, i know juniper has been in the routing industry for
a long time, but as for switches this is a new product for them.