Hello Everyone.

Barry Greene and I will be hosting an ISP Security BOF at the upcoming meeting. Please check out

We are soliciting input from peering coordinators who wish to participate in this BOF.....if you are one, please fill out the form below and e-mail it to with Subject: ISP Security BOF I. (It may give Barry's email on the web page....please forward to me since I will be collecting all the data) Thanks!

- merike

Why would you want peering coordinators to speak at a Security BOF? I
would think that you would want network engineers who are knowledgable in
backbone security techniques to speak. The interaction of this set to the
set of peering coordinators tends to be rather weak - not nonexistant,
just not very significant.

- Daniel Golding

I think its an issue of who comes to NANOG. We want the security folks to
come to the BOF. But if they aren't at NANOG, peering coordinators
are a decent second-try to contact someone who comes to NANOG, so the
next time we have a BOF the peering people can tell the security people
they should go.

As Sean stated, it is more of an issue of who comes to NANOG. Anyone working on security issues within ISP's is welcome to come.....we WANT them to come and participate. Sorry if it was misleading.

- merike