NANOG input to Renumbering (PIER) WG

The experience and advice of the NANOG community is requested:
    A new working group (Procedures for Internet/Enterprise Renumbering)
is being created in the IETF to support the immediate need for renumbering
networks and organizations. Our focus is on what needs to be done with the
existing real world, and what's available now to help with the task.
Towards this end, we are asking for
  case studies: actual experience with renumbering networks.
  tools: information on what tools helped and how they were used.
  application problems: information on applications that required special
      attention, and what solutions you may have come up with.

We want to get our documents out by this summer at the latest, so we're
asking for as much as possible in the way of input by the start of February
(so we can put some preliminary work together for the March IETF, and
shape our further efforts based on your advice), with all input by May 15.

Please send your information to the PIER discussion list,
You may also send it to the editors of the documents directly, without
its appearing on the public discussion list, at

An Internet Draft, draft-ietf-pier-solicitation-00.txt, describes our
request in more detail. Besides the standard I-D servers, it is also
available at

With appreciation for your help,
  Will Leland