NANOG/IEPG/ISOC's current role


Quite frankly, I am not opposed to *anything* very much, EXCEPT
for blanket statements that clearly state that the *only*
solution is end-user-renumbering.

NAT boxes, are not 'my-cup-o'-tea' as well, but it does offer a
new commercial market for hardware vendors, and does help
bandaid some problem areas.

The *better* approach, IMO, is router configuration parameters
in that do the translation:

ip translation .... .....
write mem
write net


No matter and irregardless of the exact implementation, there
are numerous opportunites for aggregating IP routes in
routers.... hopefully it will not become a marketing scheme
to sell everyone NATs ..... and hence the mantra....

CIDR, renumber, NAT or DIE..... (please, not again...!!)

It is not rocket science to do address translation in YFRM
routers..... but there is not a lot of money in it.

The hooks to make it work in the Big I is not impossible
as well.......

My only point is.... kindly stated..... there are more ways than
one, in the Southern venacular, to 'skin a cat'....

See ya'll later :slight_smile: