NANOG/IEPG/ISOC's current role

Stan asks:

You say the "vocal majority" in the first paragraph and then the "few
dominate voices" in the second paragraph. Which is it? If you had said
a "vocal minority" in the first paragraph, it would make your comments
much more consistent.

Actually that is a good question, but I disagree that the comment
is inconsistant, but maybe unclear.... here is why

IMHO only, most list forums such as this fine one and others are often
dominated by a few very active participants.... this is what I
referred to as the "vocal majority". You are right, this term
is misleading, but now we are discussing symantics and not ideas.

Back to ideas......

It is suprising to learn, however, that NANOG does not support
selective route filtering.... it has always been my perception,
based on the strong words of support and the 'void of support'
for the small opposition, that the majority (what and whoever
that is) of NANOG supports selective route filtering and
those who spoke in opposition were 'few' and 'isolated'.

Take care,