NANOG/IEPG/ISOC's current role

On the other hand.....

It has been clear over the past (years?..... time sure flies....)
there has been a strong and very vocal pro-filtering Keep
the Routing Table Small at *any* cost, group of advocates and
protagonists in the NANOG mailing list.

It is easy to reach the conjecture that the _perception_ of *others*
is; having many strong and vocal pro-filtering protagonists in NANOG;
and given the fact that the few who warned that selective
route filtering was very problematic were flamed-broiled and
none came to their defense


.........................after all, if a town in the
days of the Salem witch trials watched as the zealots burned
the heretics, is the town without blood on their hands just
because they remained silent in their comfy homes?


It is not a strong leap of the imagination to believe that NANOG,
the vocal majority, supports selective route-filtering to control
routing table growth and was very aggressive to oppress the
those whom dared to stand alone and challenge there will.

Please keep in mind that as in *any* group, NANOG included, by
virture of allowing a few dominate voices to represent the
group, does bear responsibility for the perception others
view the group.

Best Regards,