NANOG Help Desk???

I just gotta rant about this.

When the Hell did the NANOG list become a help desk?

Why are we encouraging theses questions about configuring a Linux box to be a
router and how to get Cisco IOS to make coffee? I thought that this list was for
OPERATIONAL content and not to answer HOW TO questions about home networks.
There are other lists for that. I have configuration questions too, but that's
what Google is for, not NANOG.

I would like to propose that people DO NOT reply to these posts, or if they want
to help take it off list.

I would like to propose that you chill the hell out and seriously evaluate
what your problem is.

Not that I'm too excited about reading about linux routers (we all know
freebsd kicks linux ass), or Cisco IOS (we all know it sucks, and we all
have to deal with it), but to me, they seem like questions about how to
operate a network.

What definition of 'operate' are you using? I'd take newbieish questions
over a constant stream of "Any clueful people from Xcompany on this
list?" and "I heard a rumor from my girlfriend's sister that some fiber
was cut in New Zealand".


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Xecunet, LLC
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Unless, of course, Sean Donelan is posting those rumors, in which
case they're OK. I think that's part of the NANOG mailing list charter...