[Nanog-futures] Memberships, Bylaws and other election matters

personally, i am not strongly against it, but am sceptical. it may get
a cash infusion now, but what will it do to income down the road when
folk don't need to renew? [0]

Furthermore, your opposition will surely depress demand even more,
because now folks are saying "why would I pay for a life membership
that Randy, for reasons that are largely inexplicable, would attempt
to revoke, leaving me with no recourse"*

first, i find your characterizing my being sceptical as opposition to be
almost offensive. i dared to question your oh so wise authority. given
the ad hominem defense, i now am far more sceptical and suspicious.

second, i have never said i would attempt to revoke it. again you
grossly and unjustifiably wildly distort my statement. what i said was
i recommended against passing it, and asked steve if he would include it
in the "we won't do until consensus is reached" list. i said that very
clearly because i thought it unwindable, quite the opposite of what you
are attempting to put in my mouth.

i used to think you credible. i no longer do. but my opinions and 15
cents will get you on the subway. well, you may also need a time

I get the fellow thing, even if I think its silly. The opposition to
student membership - I even understand that, although I respectfully

just charge 'em a different fee.

your opposition to life memberships is starting to sound like
reflexive opposition because you feel like being ornery.

then try q-tips.

does newnog actually need the infusion up front? are there other ways
to deal with the financial problem that the attempt to create of this
class of membership implies?

Yes, we do. I have done a complete analysis, which I offered to share with
everyone at the community meeting.

some of us asked for the pro forma financials to be published many
months ago. and now i missed my opportunity by going to kyoto for icnp
instead of going to atlanta. damn!

and no, the 'budget' on the web site is far from sufficient.

* Of course there IS a recourse if life membership is canceled. Its
called "refund the unused portion of the life membership on a
pro-rated basis".

not really good. you made a contract. stick to it. we're not a credit
card company or google's so called privacy policy.