NANOG Digest, Vol 93, Issue 16

Android and DHCPv6 again

Yes but Android refuses to do IPv6 if there is any DHCPv6 on the network.
It is a bug.

SLAAC by default provides the address and default gateway (RA)
If SLAAC managed flag is set, then DHCPv6 is used get the address and other configs (DNS, etc..)
If SLAAC other flag is set, then SLAAC provides the address, and uses DHCPv6 to get the other configs (DNS, etc..)

With SLAAC and without DHCPv6 the device has no way of knowing the DNS server and other configs such as search domain, etc...

RFC 6106 provides a new feature that allows devices to obtain DNS from RA, but not all devices and network equipment support it yet.

For devices that don't support RFC 6106 or DHCPv6, then it has to use IPv4 (DHCPv4) to get the IPv4 DNS address.

Many Thanks