NANOG Digest, Vol 55, Issue 68

Sure -- Sounds good.

Sure -- Sounds good.

*What* sounds good?

You top posted to a digest with multiple threads in it. If you are
going to reply to a digest DO NOT TOP POST the entire digest. Trim
the message down to the message(s) you are replying to and fix the
subject line.

You choose to receive digests. With that choice comes the
responsability to reply properly.

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Frankly, I don't understand why a technical list like NANOG even allows subscribing to a digest - folks here should have the bandwidth to accept individual emails and the technical expertise to filter them etc.

That said, it's a very simple matter to configure mailman to automatically bounce back to the sender any and all messages when the subject includes the following text:

     NANOG Digest, Vol

Or the body includes the following text:

     When replying, please edit your Subject line so it is more specific than "Re: Contents of NANOG digest..."

eliminate 99.999% of improperly formatted replies to a digest email.