NANOG Digest, Vol 26, Issue 122

Hi Joe
You guys ever mount your racks on Barry mounts= vibration mounts..with so
many shakes you may need to.


Instead, we stick it at the top of big towers that buffer the vibrations as they go up the tower.

From memory, we can thank/blame Joe for much of that.

Up that tower we have the main switches for the Auckland Peering Exchange (which has in the last few years become a bit more distributed), the (main, or only) POPs for a bunch of offshore transit, including Pacnet and Vocus, and also an F-root instance.

From memory it's the highest AGL peering exchange in the world. Probably the highest F-Root instance in the world as well.

When there are high winds, the service lift that stops at the right levels cannot run, because it's on a longer shaft and so moves around a lot more. So you have to take the regular tourist glass-bottomed lift and then walk down about 6 flights to the comms floors.
Also in moderate winds any unfastened cabinet doors will move with the sway of the tower. Try going up there at 4am after watching a thriller.

Also the floor to ceiling glass about 2 feet from the bottom of the ladder you're at the top of a 50RU rack with. Plus the swaying building.
You get over your vertigo pretty quickly, or you just don't go up the tower more than once.