nanog digest now available

Since I couldn't find a partner to do E.Buttress of Middle Cathedral
in Yosemite this weekend, I wasted a couple of hours and installed a
nanog digest on a friend's server.

Right now, normal nanog mail will go to my account on the machine
and then through procmail (which I've never really used before).
I've hacked out a perl script to format up a digest with subjects
at the top and cron it out at noon and say, 6pm. Users will
be added manually by mailing me at:

I will setup the procmail as needed. Please email me your working
procmail scripts to filter your favorite net
kooks^H^H^H^H^Hpersonalities. I think the rule will be, "if you
annoy me or another digest member, you're filtered."
Later, I might add something to show the messages that got deleted, so
everyone can know what they're missing.

Yes, I know I could have done it with majordomo, but this just
uses a normal account on the machine without having to play with
their mail setup.

I'm currently waiting on the subscription approval for the bogus

PS. The digest looks like:

This unofficial procmail'ed digest sponsored by Allan Chong.
Please mail subscribe/unsubscribe requests to

today's topics:

     test12 (Allan Chong <>)
     test13 (Allan Chong <>)
     test14 (Allan Chong <>)
     test15 (Allan Chong <>)
     test10 (Allan Chong <>)