NANOG BGP tutorial

Greetings - I'm pleased to announce a tutorial titled "Introduction to
Networking With BGP," to be presented from 7:00-9:00 p.m. on Sunday
evening, February 9, the evening before NANOG. Designed for new network
operators and ISPs, the tutorial will provide information on practical BGP
applications, hints, tips, tricks, and current implementations in today's
ISP backbones. "BGP 101" won't be an-depth technical presentation, so if
you're already familiar with BGP, you may not wish to attend.

The tutorial will be held at the Hyatt. The presenter will be Consulting
Engineer Paul Ferguson of Cisco's Business Development group, author of
RFCs and Internet Drafts on topics ranging from network renumbering to
ingress filtering.

To attend the tutorial, you must also be registered for NANOG. If you
plan on attending, please send a message to with the word
'tutorial' in the header.