[NANOG-announce] Update on NANOG board and committee nomination process

I would like to remind everyone about some important dates that are coming up for the NANOG governance process:

  * September 17, 2012: The nomination process for NANOG Program Committee Candidates begins.
  * October 1, 2012 the nomination process for the NANOG Board of Directors closes.

The NANOG Program Committee is a group of sixteen individuals from the NANOG community who together are responsible for the solicitation and selection of material for NANOG meeting programs.

Per the NANOG bylaws, eligible candidates each will serve a two-year term. To be eligible to be appointed as a member of the Program Committee, an individual must have attended one NANOG conference within the prior calendar year (12 months) and be a member in good standing. Candidates should have a broad technical knowledge of Internet operations and be familiar with NANOG meetings. Having constructive opinions and ideas about how NANOG meetings might be improved is of high value. A willingness to recruit presentations for each meeting is required.

Please send nominations to nominations@nanog.org. If you are nominating another person, please provide that person's name and email address. If you are nominating yourself, please provide a Statement of Intent and a Biography, each with a suggested limit of 150 words. For samples, please see the 2011 candidate lists (http://www.nanog.org/governance/elections/2011elections/).

The NANOG Board of Directors is a group of six elected members and NANOG's Executive Director. The Board of Directors is responsible for and works closely with the Committee Chairs to promote, support, and improve NANOG. The Board is responsible for the selection of the Program Committee, the Communications Committee, and the Development Committee. The Board is responsible to the members ensuring that the NANOG organization remains, open, relevant, useful, and financially sound.

Please read the Board Member Responsibilities (http://www.nanog.org/governance/BOD_Responsibilities.pdf) and NANOG bylaws (https://newnog.org/docs/newnog-bylaws-20110104.pdf) for a complete understanding of the expectations placed on Board Members.

To ensure continuity on the Board, three seats out of six become open each
year due to the expiration of 2-year terms. The Board members whose terms
are expiring in October are:

* Patrick Gilmore
* Daniel Golding
* Michael K. Smith

Patrick has served two 2-year terms and cannot be considered for re-election until October 2013 (one year leave). Daniel is completing the term vacated in June 2012 and he can stand for re-election. Michael is completing the term vacated in August 2011 and he can stand for re-election.

How do you Nominate?

You can self-nominate. If you care about NANOG’s governance and want to take a turn at volunteering your time and expertise to help make it better:
1. Make sure you are a NANOG member in good standing
2. Submit your Declaration of Candidacy to elections@nanog.org.

You can nominate others.
1. Send their contact information to elections@nanog.org
2. If they accept the nomination, they will be asked to become a NANOG member in good standing
3. They will have to submit their Declaration of Candidacy to elections@nanog.org.

As always, if you have a questions, please email nominations@nanog.org.

Thank you for your support, and your participation in the community.

Steve Gibbard
for the NANOG Board