[NANOG-announce] Program Committee Nominations

Attached are all of the the current nominations to the nanog program
committee. comments in support (or opposition) to any candidate can
be made to the nanog steering committee steering@nanog.org.

(if you submitted a nomination and you do not see it here, please
notify me immediately, resend it and we'll get it added). thanks,

todd underwood
chair, nanog program committee

Nominated by David Conrad
- Nominee's name (if not you)
- Nominee's email address: drc@virtualized.org
- Reason why:

I was the co-founder and original program chair committee for APRICOT
for 3 years, been loosely involved with APRICOT since then. Been
doing various jobs in network infrastructure since around 1983. I'm
fairly well versed in network operations, at least from a non-router
jockey point of view. Due to a change in my job responsibilities, I
have a bit of time that could be supported by my company (ICANN) to do
this sort of thing.

Nominated by Aaron Hughes
- Nominees name: Randy Epstein
- Nominees email: repstein@chello.at
- Reason why:
For starters, take a look at his linkedin profile:
http://www.linkedin.com/profile?viewProfile=&key=11803139 He has a hell
of a lot of industry experience, a great
personality, is well known in the community and respected for his
decisions. I believe Randy would make a fantastic addition to the PC.

Nominated by Michael K. Smith
- Nominee's name (if not you)
- Nominee's email address: mksmith@adhost.com
- Reason why:
Strong desire to see NANOG continue to be relevant to the largest
group of people possible through a diverse and dynamic program
  - I have a keen sense of irony
  - I have a thick skin
  - I've been attending NANOG since 1998
  - I have a diverse networking background that includes at least one
  thing at each of the OSI Extended Layers through 12.
  - I would really enjoy giving back to a community that has given me
  a lot over the years (seriously).

Nominated by jared mauch
- Nominees name: Mike Long
- Nominees email: Moong@us.ntt.net
- Reason why:
Mike is our top operations guy for our backbone and would be an
asset in providing critical reviews of presentations. I hope he
accepts this nomination!

Nominated by John G. Scudder
- Nominee's name: Ron Bonica
- Nominee's email: rbonica@juniper.net
- Reasons why:
Ron has a long history with Internet operations, first as an operator
(Internet MCI, VBNS) and now as IETF Operations Area co-director. I
think this would be a good opportunity to improve communications
between the operations community and the IETF. Also, Ron is very easy
to get along with!

  - Nominater Kevin Epperson
  - Nominate Brian Deardorff
  - Brian.Deardorff@Level3.com
  - 720-888-1227
  - Brian has extensive experience working for ISPs going back to 1995
racking and stacking Portmasters. He is currently a senior engineer
at Level 3 working on multiple products and technologies in the layer
2/3/4 space. He would be a great addition to the program committee
bringing both techinical expertise and outstanding industry knowledge
from an ISP point of view. Please consider this nomination for Brian
to the NANOG PC. Please contact me if you have any questions.

- Your name: Richard Steenbergen
- Nominee's name (if not you): Tom Scholl
- Nominee's email address: tscholl@gmail.com
- Reasons why you believe the nominee is qualified to serve on the Program Committee.
   Tom is very experienced in the operation of large scale networks,
and a frequent contributor to the NANOG program. His many years of
experience at SBC/AT&T would be an excellent replacement to the value
Ted Seely brought to the Program Committee with his experience from

- Nominee's name (if not you) - Celeste Anderson
- Nominee's email address - celestea@usc.edu
- Reasons why you believe the nominee is qualified to serve on the
  Program Committee

  quoting bill woodcock: "Celeste has been at the center of the
Southern-California academic networking scene for, I believe, twenty
years. Which is about as long as there's been an Internet that
counts. She ran the Los Angeles IXP since it was established in
1994/1995, and grew it very well, way beyond how it could have grown
if it had been done solely as an academic project. She included all
kinds of commercial and governmental folks, roped in One Wilshire,
etc. Very active in getting everybody there to peer, regardless of
many of them not having much of any language in common, since LA is
such a big hub for Asian traffic. At the same time that she was doing
all the outward-facing IXP stuff, she was also equally active in Los
Nettos, the SoCal R&E network. Lots of contacts within the research
community, the peering community, the network ops community, and the
R&E-specific-networking community."