[NANOG-announce] New NANOG website launching tomorrow evening - Maintenance Notice

Greetings NANOG community,

We have great news to report! The redeveloped NANOG website is now ready to
go live.

Thanks to the input from the community, as well as all the volunteers that
assisted from concept to completion and every step in between.

One of the primary goals of the redesign was to present a clean, yet
functional and up to date website, improving delivery of information to
NANOG members and sponsors, as
well as providing attraction to potential new members and sponsors. We feel
we have more than achieved this goal and hope the community feels the same.

The plan is to launch the new website on Tuesday, April 30th at 10 PM
PDT/Wednesday, May 1st at 1 AM EDT. During this time you may experience a
brief disruption of service.

If you have any questions regarding this maintenance, please feel free to
contact me. If you experience any issues once the new website is launched,
you may always email webmaster@nanog.org.

Thank you,

Randy Epstein
On behalf of the Website Redesign Team