[NANOG-announce] New NANOG Mail List Committee

Hi everyone,

In its recent meeting, the SC selected four volunteers from the
community to join Sue Joiner of Merit on the Mail List Committee.

The new team is as follows:

   Sue Joiner (appointed by Merit)
   Simon Lyall (term finishes in October 2009)
   Kris Foster (term finishes in October 2009)
   David Barak (term finishes in October 2008)
   Tim Yocum (term finishes in October 2008)

The SC would like to thank the four successful volunteers for their
willingness to contribute their time and energy to assist with
supporting the NANOG mail list.

The SC also would like to thank Michael K Smith, John Osman and Alex
Pilosov for also stepping forward and offering to help. We hope you will
be willing to volunteer again when two positions on the MLC become
available in October.

Kind regards,

Philip Smith
SC Chair