[NANOG-announce] NANOG election results and other news

As usual for our October meetings, there has been a lot happening,
with more to come over the next few days.

Our annual election was held during NANOG 50, with these results:

   - Patrick Gilmore, Robert Seastrom, and Richard Steenbergen
     were elected to two-year terms on the NANOG SC (and also
     therefore to the NewNOG Board.)

   - The charter amendment to transition NANOG activities from Merit
     to NewNOG passed with 210 votes in favor, 16 votes against.

   - In the NewNOG election, the measure to adopt the Bylaws passed
     with 169 votes in favor, 26 against.

I have been elected by the SC to serve again as Chair for the coming
year, and Sylvie LaPerriere was elected as Vice-Chair.

The Program Committee selection process is underway, and the results
will be announced in the next day so.

Nominations are still open for Communications Committee positions.
I would like to encourage any of you who regularly participate in
the mailing list and are interested in maintaining list quality
and in building new forms of communication for the community to
consider volunteering. Please see:


for further information on the selection process.

For the Steering Committee,
    Steve Feldman, chair