[[NANOG-announce] email subject tags and footers]

To help clarify what has happened with the mail lists.

The message below was sent to nanog-announce@nanog.org on Tuesday, May 20 and was blocked from delivering to the nanog mail list. It was caught as a pending message to be approved for delivery to the nanog list. It was marked as Defer and was accidentally deleted.

After the 24 hour notice the subject tag and the footers to the nanog mail list were removed.

The archives for nanog, nanog-futures and nanog-announce are now currently available publicly:


The information pages for each of the lists can be found:


There are links to the archives on their respective information pages. Also there are links to the old archives on the information pages. Note that nanog-announce was never archived in the past because the messages were always archived on the nanog list.

If you have any questions, please send a message to nanog-support@nanog.org.


Sue Joiner
Merit Network