[NANOG-announce] Draft NANOG 49 program available!

Please see http://www.nanog.org/meetings/nanog49/agenda.php.

  A few dates of interest:
  (i). The registration fee increases on May 17.

  (ii). The special group rate at the hotel expires May 24.

  We're looking forward to seeing you all in San Francisco.


  (for the NANOG PC)


I maybe the only one, but a lot of the tutorials during the 2 - 3:30 are
related and should be spread out between the 2 - 3:30 times and the 4 - 5:30
times. I think if someone is interested in either they could pick one from
each session or one from each, but having an all in one in each session
really creates a problem in scheduling sessions.

  Thanks for the feedback. We try to schedule the tutorials
  to avoid just the sort of thing you are describing, so
  we'll take another look.

  Thanks again for the feedback.