NANOG Announce: CIX NANOG Date Changes!


May 30-31 is not Memorial Day weekend. I actually think CIX chose the dates
they did to avoid the US holiday issues.


Hi all -

Looks like the next NANOG dates have been changed and finalize (see note
below). The next NANOG is now scheduled for May 30-31.

See you there. More detailed logistics to follow....

>Unfortunately I received word today from George Washington University
>that the May 23-24 dates are wrong, and the correct dates are May 30-31.
>Apparently we had a major miscommunication! May 30-31 are absolutely
>the correct dates and I hope that you will be able to communicate this
>to the people in San Diego today. We will update our members.

A strong showing for our communities disregard for
US holidays! How many other nanog'ites have nothing
else to do on Memorial Day (real)?


Brian Brown