[NANOG-announce] change in roles on the program committee

today, at our lunchtime meeting, the nanog program committee selected a new
chair, david meyer of cisco and university of oregon, and a new vice-chair,
tom daly of dynamic network services. please join me in cogratulating them
in person if you're here at nanog.

for the past two years, ren provo has served as vice-chair of the program
committee, a role that was basically created specifically for her. she has
been critical in the development of the program committee into the open,
active, and even somewhat-organized group that it is today. i'm proud to
have worked with her on this project for the past two years and am extremely
grateful for everything she has done.

ren and i decided to resign our positions prior to the october meeting to
ensure a smooth transition. we will both continue to serve as members of the
program committee through the end of our current terms in october. NANOG
has been getting better and better for the last several years. we're
announcing locations much earlier and we're continuing to develop and
experiment with the content to make it more relevant and more interesting
for attendees. credit for these efforts certainly go to members of the
steering and mailing list committees and to merit staff, but they also go to
the program committee.

the nanog program committee is full of some of the smartest, best people
that i've ever worked with. it's a pleasure to be associated with them.
eight (8) of the slots on the program committee will be opening up this
october. if you'd like to work with other interesting people to make the
nanog conference better, please consider submitting your name to be
considered for one of these slots. the steering committee will announce
details, or you can come see almost any member of the PC for more

again, congratulations to dave and tom.


todd underwood, outgoing chair
for the program committee
spots opening up in october