[NANOG-announce] Board Member Replacement Process - close June 20 23:59 PDT


If you are interested in the board replacement position please read on, if
not, you may stop now.

Following our announcement, many of you are pinging me to serve as the
replacement on the Board. Your interest in our organization is amazing and
truly encouraging!

The process for Board replacement is laid out in our bylaws in Section 8.7.
and the intent is to keep a functioning Board running until the next
elections. Per our presentation at the NANOG 55 Community meeting we have
a full list of deliverables until then. So basically the replacement
position is 5-8 hours/week of volunteering inclusive of regular board

8.7 Vacancies
If a Board of Directors member resigns or a Board of Directors seat
otherwise becomes
vacant more than two months before the next election, the remaining members
of the
Board of Directors will appoint a replacement to serve until the next
election, at which
point if there is any additional time remaining in the term a member will
be elected to
fill the vacancy. If a vacancy occurs less than two months before an
election, the seat
will remain vacant until the election

As we are more than 2 months away from our next elections, the Board has to
appoint a replacement (a member in good standing) for the interim. The
replacement will serve on the Board until the next election only.
Continuance on the Board will be dependent on being properly elected next
October, per our election process described in Section 8. Board of

Who are we looking for?