[NANOG-announce] A note to all NANOG Colleagues

*NANOG Colleagues:

Just a year ago, NewNOG, prepared for the launch of NANOG 52 under a new
leadership. The journey has been filled with challenges, but also with
GREAT success. We delivered on our promise to ‘not break anything’ and
preserve your user experience during the transition. Mission accomplished:
we produced NANOG 52, 53, 54 while each time learning, documenting and
improving upon the previous one. We are thankful for your tolerance with
change and are confident for the future.

The important highlights we gleamed from our meetings and various
conversations in the community were to provide transparency in our
governance and continuance of the NANOG value set. The Board and NANOG
Committees representatives met off-site last August to assess NANOG’s core
values, its important services and the meaning of its brand for attendees.
  The outcome was a 3-year strategic plan with milestones to provide this
board and its successors with a documented foundation for continuity.

Sponsors, members, and meeting attendees have been very supportive and
pleased with our progress, and simply wish to continue to enjoy being a
part of NANOG activities. That is encouraging and a sign that we are
moving in the right direction.

In the spirit of transparency, and to recognize the hard work and
dedication of the Board and Committee members, I want to call out their

   - Their personal commitment to attend bi-weekly Board meetings and their
   dedication in showing progress on their area of responsibility.
   - The Board and Development Committee created a sustainable sponsorship
   model <http://www.nanog.org/sponsors/sponsor_opportunities.html>compliant
with our non-profit status providing adequate funding for our
   current activities such as our mailing-lists, archives, and conferences
   while planning for the launch of our educational/training activities.
   - The Development Committee members fully met the respective Sponsorship
   plan targets for NANOG 52, 53, 54 and 55. We are financially sound.
   - The Program Committee delivered outstanding Programming for NANOG 53
   and NANOG 54, exceeding all previous expectations at respectively 583 and
   604 registrants.
   - The Program Committee delivered yet another outstanding Conference
   Agenda for NANOG 55 opening next week in Vancouver.
   - The Communications Committee continuously manages the mailing lists
   and our website services.
   - The Membership committee continues to provide value and benefits to
   its members since its creation in February 2011.
   - The Board documented the roles, responsibilities of all Committee
   - The Board executed venue contracts for NANOG 56, 57, and closing on 58.
   - The Board secured a support structure (Secretariat, Executive
   Director, Conference technical services, event webcasting) without the
   burden of creating an employee set of responsibilities.
   - The Treasurer prepared and filed our first audited financial report.
   - The Executive Director has lead the transition phase of moving the
   NANOG equipment and Intellectual property onto their new locations.
   - The Executive Director has continued the strong relations with ARIN as
   we are exploring new ways of partnering in support of our common community.
   - The Executive Director and the NANOG Secretariat have developed smooth
   operational processes.
   - The NANOG Secretariat is a great team. They took special care in
   documenting processes and procedures as we learned our new ways. We now
   have a solid playbook for our continued operations. They also attended all
   our committees, minuted and published.

As we approach our Election process next October, let me share a few
personal thoughts with you. We are not yet done. It is critical that we
complete the service transition steps, continue to streamline the
responsibilities of event planning and support. We need to execute on our
commitment to launch our educational and scholarship initiatives.

In preparation for the election process and the need to reflect and set new
goals, I will be pleased to share with the community a summary of our Board
Retreat, Strategic Goals, and a peak into our future. My hope is that you
will find an activity worthy of your volunteering.

Please plan to attend the NANOG Member Meeting, Sunday, June 3, 2012 at
5:45-6:45 pm (PST).

See you in Vancouver,