[NANOG-announce] 2013 NANOG Committee Selections

NANOG Colleagues,

The Board has completed the committee selection process for this year.

For the Program Committee, we are pleased to announce the
reappointments of Greg Hankins, Manish Karir, Michael Sinatra, and
Tony Tauber, and the new appointments of Peter Hoose, Randy Neals,
Matthew Petach, and Steven Schecter for two-year terms. In addition,
Paul Ebersman and Sean Kennedy have been appointed to one-year terms
to fill the positions vacated by Dave Temkin and Ryan Donnelly on
their election to the Board.

For the Communications Committee, we are pleased to announce the
appointment of Randy Epstein and Brad Raymo for two-year terms.

And for the Development Committee, we are pleased to announce the
two-year term appointment of Judy DeDois, Tim Parker, Michael Rascoe,
and Valerie Wittkop to two-year terms, and Fearghas McKay to a
one-year term to fill the position vacated by Jezzibell Gilmore on her
election to the Board.

We also want to thank and recognize the contribution of Jim Cowie,
Ryan Donnelly, Igor Gashinsky, Mohit Lad, Dave Temkin, and Dani
Roisman for their service on the Program Committee, Valerie Wittkop
and Webster Olson for their service on the Communications Committee,
and Paul Ebersman and Jezzibell Gilmore for their service on the
Development Committee.

And finally, we want to thank everyone who volunteered as candidates
for these committees for considering this important service to our
community, and encourage them to try for the next selection cycle or
to volunteer in another role.

On behalf of the Board,

        Steve Feldman, vice-chair