[NANOG-announce] 2009 Elections Update

Hi NANOGers,

Thanks to everyone who has thrown their hat into the ring for the
NANOG Steering Committee! If you were nominated and had not yet
sent in your bio or confirmation, please take a moment today to
do so by sending mail to <nominations@nanog.org>. For the list,

As Dave posted previously, the PC nominations are currently open.
If you think you or someone you know could help continue to improve
the conference, send your nominations to <nominations@nanog.org>.
After the election, the new Steering Committee will appoint people
to fill the vacant slots. The current slate of nominees are posted

For more information, please check out the 2009 elections page:

Mon 2009-09-28 MLC nominations open
Mon 2009-09-28 Charter draft amendments posted to NANOG website
Tue 2009-10-06 Ballot confirmed and finalized at NANOG SC meeting
Sun 2009-10-18 Voting for the 2009/2010 NANOG SC opens
Mon 2009-10-19 PC nominations close, candidate information posted
Wed 2009-10-21 Voting for the 2009/2010 NANOG SC closes
Thu 2009-10-22 SC appoints new PC
Thu 2009-10-29 MLC nominations close, candidate information posted
Tue 2009-11-03 SC appoints new MLC


Joe Provo
for the NANOG Steering Committee