NANOG 88 Registration Now Open

Dear NANOG Community,

NANOG 88 hybrid meeting, hosted by AWS will take place June 12-14, 2023 in Seattle, Washington.

  1. Registration Fees + Deadlines

  2. Hotel Guest Room Block

  3. VISA Requests

  4. Attendee List Poachers

  5. Registration Fees + Deadlines

Meeting Registration:

In person Registration Rates


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End Date




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    March 28, 2023


    April 9, 2023










    April 10, 2023


    May 28, 2023










    May 29, 2023


    June 10, 2021










    June 11, 2023


    June 14, 2023








If you are not able to join us in Seattle, Virtual Registration is available for $100.

Registration Add Ons:

Guest passes need to be purchased at the time you register. If you wish to add a guest pass after you register your guest pass will need to be purchased in person in Seattle.

  • Monday Social Event Guest Pass: $50 per guest (purchase separately when you register, limit 2)

  • Tuesday Night Beer N Gear Pass: $50 per guest (purchase separately when you register, limit 1)

Registration Cancellation Fees:

NANOG hopes everyone who registers for the meeting will be able to attend; however, we know extenuating circumstances do occur. The NANOG cancellation and refund policies are as follows:

  • Registrations canceled on 28 March to 28 May, 2023 is refundable but will incur a $50.00 fee

  • Registrations canceled on 29 May to June 10, 2023 is refundable but will incur a $100.00 fee

  • Registrations canceled on or after 11 June, 2023 will not receive a refund

  1. Hotel Guest Room Block

Hyatt Regency Seattle

808 Howell Street

Seattle, Washington 98101

Online Reservations: click here

Group Name: NANOG 88

Room Rate: $299.00 USD Standard Room Occupancy* (up to 2 people)

$324.00 USD Triple Occupancy*

$349.00 USD Quadruple Occupancy*

*PLUS 15.7% Local Occupancy Tax + $4.00 Tourism Fee

Group Rate Expires: 18 May, 2023 OR once the NANOG block is filled
Reservations: +206. 973.1234 OR Toll Free 1.800.233.1234

Check In Time: 4:00PM
Check Out Time: 11:00AM

Hotel Cancellation Policy: Guests can cancel their reservations 48 hours prior to their arrival to receive a full refund of their deposit. Any reservation canceled after 48 priors to arrival will forfeit a fee of one night’s room and tax.

Self-Parking Only: (prices subject to change)

  • 0-1 Hour $17.00

  • 1-2 Hours $20.00

  • 2-3 Hours $23.00

  • 3-4 Hours $26.00

  • 4-5 Hours $29.00

  • 5-12 Hours $33.00

  • 12-24 Hours $48.00

City & State taxes included in the above rates. Overnight parking includes in & out privileges. Guest room charge available, room key used for access after arrival.

  1. VISA Requests

A letter of invitation is issued solely for the purpose of assisting participants with visa applications for their attendance at the conference. If you require a letter of invitation, please register and pay for the NANOG meeting. Once the payment has been received, all requests for Letters of Invitation should be addressed by email directly to

The following information is required before a letter of invitation will be issued:

  1. Name as it appears on your passport

  2. Passport Number

  3. Email Address

  4. Hotel name and reservation number

  5. Company name and address

  6. Room Block and Attendee List Poachers

Please be aware that companies not affiliated with the NANOG organization may contact you in an attempt to sell you a hotel room. This is fraudulent activity as NANOG does not utilize third party service providers for housing services.

If you have any questions about the meeting, please contact us directly at:

We look forward to seeing you in Seattle!

Sincerely, the NANOG Staff

Some entertainment tips for those of you who plan to attend NANOG 88 in Seattle:

1. The Connections Museum is a must-see for telecom enthusiasts (which
I assume you are since you're attending a NANOG meeting). Six
different phone switches (some electromechanical) and a boatload of
other stuff taking up a floor and a half of a "central office"
building. In good working order. You can see and, to some extent,

Beware: It's only open on Sundays from 10 am to 3 pm, so if you want
to check it out, you'll have to come in early for it.

2. The Space Needle is the iconic Seattle landmark. Buy tickets for
the time slot you want a couple days in advance. I personally like
watching the sunset from there.

At the same complex as the space needle you can also catch the Museum
of Popular Culture and the 1962 World's Fair monorail. The monorail is
a 1962 vision of the future, with vintage German-built cars in good
working order.

Short walk from the hotel to the Westlake monorail station, which will
take you over to the space needle.

3. Pike Place Market is another Seattle icon. Moderate walk from the hotel.

4. Museum of Flight (this is Boeing's home town, so it's a high
quality aircraft museum)

5. Snoqualmie Falls Hydroelectric Museum and power plant

6. Northwest Railway Museum (also near Snoqualmie Falls)

Beware that Snoqualmie Falls is a solid half hour outside of the city.

Mt. Rainer, if you want to check it out, is a full-day trip: 2.5 hours
to get there, 2.5 hours to get back plus the time you spend in the
park. It's too far to catch it in an afternoon. Decent odds of getting
a shirtsleeves on the snow pack picture like this one:,
which was also taken in June.

Bill Herrin

Also, beware that downtown Seattle parking spaces are super-tight. If
you rent a car, get a compact. Really.

Bill Herrin

Dear NANOG Community,

It has been brought to our attention that even though the text is correct for meeting registration in our original message below, the link embedded with the text is incorrect.

We apologize for this inconvenience and encourage you to use this corrected link to register for NANOG 88:

One observation on that, for those who find themselves in the area of the Westin Building for ISP/telecom related work:

The Amazon HQ underground parking on 6th ave, with entrance literally across the street from the Westin Building, is available for the public to use. Entrance is on 6th ave between Virginia and Lenora. You don’t need an Amazon access badge/etc to use it, standard pay upon exit system. I believe it’s marked on Google Maps as the “Amazon Doppler” garage.

It has slightly better prices than the Westin’s own parking garage and the vehicle spacing is not bad, I have parked full size SUVs in it without too much trouble. Not that it’s a good idea to leave bags or anything visible in an unattended vehicle in downtown Seattle, but the garage also has slightly better security than your average unstaffed parking garage elsewhere in the city.

A nifty thing to go check out is the Fremont Troll.


I also highly recommend the rock n roll museum:

Two more things:

Seattle is -very- dog friendly. You'll encounter our generally
well-behaved canine companions on the street, in stores and possibly
even in the hotel and event venues. Pack your allergy medication if
you need it.

Summer is good weather time in Seattle. Expect sunshine, mild to warm
temperatures and light if any rain.

Bill Herrin

That's good to know. I was thinking of parking at the Westin since it's a familiar garage for me.

Eric Kuhnke wrote: