NANOG 84 Networking Events - N84 Kicks-Off Monday!

NANOG 84 Networking Opportunities
Networking is essential to the health of your career!
Take advantage of the opportunity to meet + greet with industry leaders + professionals at next week’s networking events at NANOG 84.

Day 1: Newcomers Breakfast Orientation
Monday, Feb. 14 | 9:00am - 9:45am CST
Location: Waterloo Ballroom 5-6, Level 5

New to NANOG? Don’t miss our Newcomers Breakfast Orientation happening Monday, Feb 14 at 9:00am at our upcoming meeting, NANOG 84. Have an opportunity to network with fellow newcomers!


Day 1: NANOG Networking Luncheon
Monday, Feb. 14 | 12:00pm - 1:30pm CST
Location: MoonTower Hall, Level 2

Some of the tables at lunch will have “Table Topics” for you to use to chat with others & network around the same topic.

  • Network Management

  • Automation

  • BGP Security

  • Routing

  • Traffic Management and Policy

  • Job Hunting

  • Peering

  • Newcomers Networking Follow-up

  • War Stories - The Time I Thought I’d Get Fired
    Sponsors: Kentik, Sparkle,Telescent


Day 2: Women in Tech
Tuesday, Feb. 15 | 12:00pm - 1:15pm CST
Location: Waterloo Ballroom 5-6, Level 5

“What makes NANOG an incredible community, also makes it intimidating - ‘courageous women’ helping you not feel small”

  • Jezzibell Gilmore
    Co-founder of Packetfabric

This is a no-pressure space to empower your fellow (wo)man! Join us for an opportunity to meet, network + potentially find your next mentee or mentor in the Women in Tech community.

Sponsor: AWS


Peering Forum Applications Still Available
NANOG 84 Peering Coordination Forum tables are still available. The forum provides time for attendees to meet + network with others in the peering community present at NANOG.

Sign up for your table today!