NANOG 78 Webcasts

Hi all,

Is anyone able to access NANOG 78 playlist on YouTube or the webcast URL?

YouTube videos/playlist appear as private.

Thank you.

Nope. -_-

Wish they would keep the Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 videos online until the
edited talks have been published.

I asked NANOG several times to keep YouTube stream videos up until
edited videos are published (usually a week later), never got a
response on why they are not doing it.

Live streams through YouTube are quite different than videos uploaded to YouTube.

YouTube doesn't store the live stream for later playback. A separate copy of the video must be uploaded.

/Program Committee Hat On

One of the speakers from 78 had requested their talk not be recorded, and to honor that request the livestream recordings were made private.

Some additional discussions were had on Friday, and those might be able to be restored next week, assuming YouTube still has them.

/Program Committee Hat Off

youtube live stream can be played back at a later time

If a session shouldn't not be recorded, why not just pause the
stream/play a break video instead of making the entire day's recording

This is absolutely false, in fact the reverse is true! Public VOD on a public livestream is the default. It has to be switched off, either by deleting the streams, or making them ‘private’.

What is also true is that, as long as a stream is under 8 hrs, YT has an “editor” which permits trimming and “save as new”.

My guess is that this is some kind of legal red tape, speakers signed off for livestream but not VOD. If just one speaker objects, it can take the whole thing down.

I will mention, that in the case of Hosein Badran’s presentation, I asked for, and received, permission to simulcast. It is available at



As Tom mentioned in an earlier message, there was apparently some confusion about which rights were granted for at least one talk. So to be safe the recorded stream was pulled for the time being, until the speaker(s) can confirm their intent. And with post-conference travel and a holiday weekend in the U.S., it’s unlikely to be resolved until next week.


To kinda cross this off the list, the videos of all the individual talks are up on the Team NANOG Youtube channel.