NANOG 68 Peering Track Call for Participation

The NANOG Program Committee is looking for interested presenters for the
NANOG 68 Peering Track (10/19/2017). If you are interested in presenting
or can suggestion a presenter, please contact the NANOG Program Committee ( or myself. Possible topic areas are listed below, but
the PC welcomes other subject related to peering and interconnection.
Please note that Peering Personals will continue to be a separate activity
at NANOG 68 to be held Monday 10/17 following the program.

- Peering Economics and Interconnection models
- Measurement and Analysis specific to peering
- Alternatives to hot-potato routing
- Operations including Peering Databases
- Transit as an alternative to peering
- 100GbE Interconnection
- Validation of routing information
- Peering-specific lightning talks (10 minutes or less)

NANOG Program Committee