NANOG 60 ATL Data Center Track Update


We are planning to experiment with a change in the way "personals", a long
standing tradition in the Peering Track, are done and in the Data Center
track at NANOG 60 in Atlanta. The track is being held Monday starting at
4:45 and running through 6:15. Instead of data center operators presenting,
the hosts or a member of the data center community will present a brief
summary of regional data center bullet points.

If you operate a data center in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and
Alabama, respond with the following bullet point answers by Friday. If we
can't fit everyone, apologies in advance.

1. mW committed from utility?
2. mW currently available?
3. Any Facility Certifications?
4. Gross Square Footage of Data Center?
5. Net Square Footage available in Data Center?
6. Design PUE?
7. Wholesale, Retail Colo or Both?
8. Date Active?
9. Number of dual routed providers operational?

Along with this, we'll be presenting short summaries related to recent,
interesting, developments in the industry related to space, power and

See the track agenda at

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Do you really mean “And?” in which case I expect the list would be _VERY_ short, or do you mean “and/or”?