NANOG 59 - Important Schedule Notice & Call For Presentations. Please read!

NANOG Community,

I hope everyone enjoyed New Orleans as much as I did! It's truly one of my
favorite cities in the world. Fresh off a great meeting, we're already
starting to get ready for NANOG 59 in Phoenix. If you have a topic you'd
like to speak about, the program committee would love to consider it.
Please watch for
more information.

After considering feedback from members, speakers, ARIN, and sponsors we
have decided to make a small tweak to the program timing at NANOG 59. We
will continue with the Monday-Wednesday format, however we will move the
ARIN Track and Tutorials to Tuesday morning, highlighting their importance
to the program. The program will begin on Monday morning at 10:00AM
followed by our popular Newcomers Lunch. The exact schedule layout can be
found at and is also
attached in JPG format to this email.

   If you wish to submit a presentation, please keep these important dates
in mind:

   Presentation Abstracts and Draft Slides Due: 16-Aug-2013
   Slides Due:
   Topic List Posted:
   Final Agenda Published: 27-Sep-2013

   Please submit your materials to

   Looking forward to seeing everyone in Phoenix!

   -Dave Temkin

   (Chair, NANOG Program Committee)

Reminder - submissions are due 30 days from today. The sooner the better,
as it gives the Program Committee more time to help submitters refine their
presentations for the NANOG audience.



One final reminder - abstracts are due by the end of this week.

Also, the track coordinators for the Data Center track (Dan Golding - and the Peering Track (Nina Bargisen -
would like me to remind you to submit your relevant content for these
tracks early so that your track-specific content may be properly considered.


Reminder to all: Presentation slides are due on Friday, August 30th.
Talks without slides may be declined at that point.

For the NANOG Program Committee