NANOG 57 netops security track

Friends, colleagues, fellow operators,

The network security track, formerly known as the ISP security BoF,
returns at NANOG 57.

One option we're considering is taking a few moments for veterans and
newcomers to get up and doing a 2 minute or less security contact
personal introduction, akin to the peering personals that have been in
done in the peering sessions for years. If you're planning on attending
and are willing to stand up and introduce yourself to the group, please
contact me offline.

In addition, we may have room for one or two more brief discussion
topics or lightning talks. If anyone, especially newcomers, have
something they'd really like to present, conduct a demonstration of or
coordinate a brief discussion about, I'd be grateful for your follow
ups. Here is an incomplete list of ideas to help stir your thoughts:

  * Botnet take downs
  * BGPSEC and RPKI update or trial deplolyments
  * DDoS case study
  * Control plane best practices and templates
  * DNS RPZ overview and/or experience
  * Embedded device problems and protections
  * Government regulatory and compliance issues
  * Malware analysis
  * Mobile issues
  * MPLS and VLAN security issues
  * Route leak/hijack monitoring and mitigation
  * VM and cloud security challenges
  * <insert your new cool tool or idea here>

Note, this track is not streamed nor recorded.