NANOG 47 announcements


        A few announcements:

        (i). Thank everyone again for attending NANOG 46. The
    NANOG 46 survey is open for one more week. If you
    haven't taken the survey yet, please see

        (ii). Exciting news about NANOG 47 in Dearborn. The
    NANOG PC has been working with ARIN and the
    results are an exciting CFP. Please see

        (iii). Registration is open for NANOG 47. Please see


        (iv). The NANOG 47 hotel link is up. Please see


        (v). NANOG 47 Meeting sponsorships are now being
    accepted (as always, sponsorship is critical to
    NANOG's success). Please see


        We're looking forward to seeing you all in in Dearborn.

        (for the NANOG PC)