NANOG 43 attendees: plans to attend organ concert

I am sending this message on Ole's behalf, because he's not signed
up for nanog. I'm cc-ing him, so replies as well might go to him.

Those of you who were at the community meeting on Sunday may recall
Ole mentioning the organ site near the LA meeting in Oct. (Think
I got that right.)

Ole is an organ enthusiast. There is an organ in a church on
Montague street that is having a concert today at 1:10pm.

Ole is planning to attend and suggests that anyone who wants to
go with him should assemble at the bottom of the escalator in the
lower lobby, to leave promptly at 1:00pm. Promptly.

Church of St. Ann & the Holy Trinity

157 Montague Street
Brooklyn, New York 11201

Really detailed organ info: