NANOG 40 Peering BOF XV Meeting Notes now on-line

Hi all -

We had a large and lively group discussion at the Peering BOF XV at NANOG 40 last week in Bellevue. I tried to capture the essence of the discussions embedded with Matt Peterson’s photos of the event. For those who could not attend (or could not hear because we packed folks in all the way into the hallway), I hope these notes will give you a sense of what was discussed.

NANOG 40 Peering BOF XV Meeting Notes:


PS - I fully expect that there are errors, and that folks who presented their case to the group could provide some better text. Please send me your update(s), or, alternatively, it might be interesting to have the community edit the google docs file: Send me email to at and I will add you as a collaborator to the document if you have updates to make.