NANOG 38 Lightning Talks

We are now accepting submissions for lightning talks at NANOG 38.

Meeting attendees may submit a talk title and brief abstract at

Selected speakers will be notified Monday evening, with any slides
due by Tuesday morning.

A lightning talk is a very short presentation or speech by any
attendee on any topic relevant to the NANOG audience. These are
limited to ten minutes; this will be strictly enforced.

If you have a topic that's timely, interesting, or even a crackpot
idea you want to share, we encourage you to consider presenting it.

Signups for lightning talks will be accepted during the NANOG

The Program Committee will decide which submissions are relevant
(using criteria based on the NANOG mailing list AUP,) and choose
the best six to be presented.

Use of slides is optional. All slides must be in PDF or Powerpoint
format, and will be loaded in advance onto the speaker laptop on
the podium.

There is a good overview of the use of lightning talks at the Perl
conference at

Although their format is slightly different, many of their ideas
will apply here.

  Steve Feldman
  PC Chair