NANOG 27 - IXP Panel

Hi all,

Some of you may recall that I moderated an IX Panel at the Winter 2002
NANOG in Miami.

The programme committee have asked me to prepare and moderate a panel to
be held in the general session at the upcoming NANOG in Phoenix, AZ. In
addition, especially for all you peering people, Bill Norton will be
running a Peering Co-ordinator BoF on the Monday evening.

The style of the panel will be similar to last year, i.e. time limits for
each IX. We will also be limiting the number of slides each IX can use as
a presentation aid.

We're primarily interested in new developments at your exchanges over the
past 12 months, or forthcoming developments you may want to preview with
the NANOG audience.

If you want to talk about technical challenges, innovations, or even nasty
outages at your IX, that's also welcome. Customer lists, corporate info we
can find on your website, etc., are not relevant! :wink:

If your (preferably North American!) IX is interested in participating,
please send me an email, containing a short abstract of what you intend to
talk about during the panel, to arrive in my inbox no later than 13th

As we're time limited, I'll have to select the panel members from a
shortlist, if we have too many potential participants.

If selected, be prepared to have a draft of your presentation slides with
me by 24th/25th Jan. If you are going to "wing it" without visual
accompaniment, then let me know.

Look forward to hearing from you, especially exchanges which couldn't
make it last year!

NANOG participants, feel free to think up some questions for the exchanges
which you can ask on the day! If you wish to ask a question anonymously,
you can direct it either through myself or through the NANOG Chair.

Look forward to seeing you in Phoenix!