NANOG 25 - Toronto - Any Questions?

Thanks Randy!

Folks interested in participating in the Niagara Falls excursion
Saturday, 8-Jun-02 please book your reservation online at: Select package #2 which
includes hydrofoil to/from the Falls, land transfers, buffet
lunch at the Skyton Summit Suite Dining Room and the Maid of the
Mist Boat Ride.

Travel date must be set for 8-Jun on both depart/return pull

Do not leave any spaces or include dashes in telephone numbers.

The boat can handle 140 people, and departs promptly at 10 am
Saturday morning. You must pick up your tickets in the office
anytime up to one hour before departure.

Ticket Pick-up Office:
249 Queen's Quay West, Suite 109
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5J 2N5
(rear of Radisson Plaza Hotel Admiral)

Boarding Dock:
339 Queen's Quay West
(at water's edge, next to Fire Station No. 9)

There is underground parking available in the Radisson Hotel and
outdoor parking directly across the street from the boarding
dock. Parking fees are not included in our ticket price. I'm
sure you'll see a line of cabs running from the hotel to the
docks Saturday morning. We should be back to the conference
hotel for geeking around dinner time. <G>

Cheers, -ren

Hi Folks,

For those making travel arrangements and planning your time

around NANOG25

in Toronto we have a web site with local details up and running.

If you don't see what you need, or have other questions, please

email me

off-list and I'll try to dig up what you need.

The following is some details we have been asked so far:

The airport you should be heading to is Pearson


International CYYZ. (Maps and other details on web site)

There is also AMTRAK service directly to Toronto Union Station.
"The International" runs from Chicago to Toronto.
"The Maple Leaf" runs from NYC to Toronto.

Some attendees are planning a trip to Niagara Falls on Saturday.
For those arriving early who might want to participate drop me

an email and

I'll provide the details.

There are 4 cell phone companies that have coverage in Toronto.
Check with your home carrier about roaming in Canada.

Rogers AT&T Wireless - 800 Mhz"A"AMPS/TDMA

Bell Mobility - 800Mhz"B"AMPS/TDMA/1.9GhzCDMA-PCS

Telus(Clearnet) - 1.9GhzCDMA-PCS/800Mhz iDEN/Mike (Nextel)

Microcell - 1.9GhzGSM-PCS

Many variables. Check with your home service provider to ensure

you have

international roaming.
SkyTel/Skypage: You need to add International roaming.
RIM 950/957 on Mobitex: Cingular in US/Rogers AT&T in CA
RIM 850/857 on DATATAC: Motient in US/Bell Mobility in CA.
Blackberry 5810 on GPRS: AT&T & Voicestream in US/Rogers AT&T

in CA.

Yes. Email me.

This meeting should be fairly easy on your expense report.
Here are some common currency conversions to the Hudson Bay

Peso and the

conversion of the CAD$149 hotel room rate. Credit Cards, and

Bank ATM/Debit

Anyone planning on doing a budget trip to Niagara Falls to just tourist?
I don't really fancy forking out $150...


your best bet there would be to team up with a few other people and
rent a car.

niagara falls is gonna be a 2-3 hour drive from the conference depending on

about half of that is city, and the other half vineyards and country.