Greg Boykin supposedly said:

> I think it'd be great to see NANOG happen regularly north of 49. But
> ideal locations include a generous sponsor who'll handle some
> significant
> hassles and expenses--suggestions?

What about Network Solutions Inc. coughing up some of
the domain$$$ for first class flight for everyone and
something more than a continental breakfast?

Why do people seem to think that they have any right to any money NSI has
made off of domain registrations? Why not pick on Cisco? or Sun? or any of
the other countless companies that have made billions in profit on the
Internet as well? NSI just happened to be sitting in the right place at
the right time. Do I wish I was sitting there? You bet. Anyone could
have bid for that contract four years ago, but most people didn't want to
touch the job with a ten foot pole.

And even if we could get NSI to cough up some money to the common good, 500
first class tickets and elaborate breakfasts are about the last thing that
I would suggest we use the money for.

---> Phil

P.S. My only affiliation with NSI is when I send them checks to pay for my