N91 Women mixer on Sunday?


Anne’s opinion is just as valid as the others here. I have also browsed through the recent attendee lists and do not see you listed either, pot calling the kettle black. Your comments about her email signature and which voices are valid here, are not productive. We are allowed to back up and/or side with whomever we please, even if it includes the NANOG board, staff, and committee members. We are also allowed to call people out on their behavior towards others.

Anyway, no one truly knows how many people could have raised the scheduling issue with various committee members, the board, staff, or provided feedback via the contact form on the website, and who knows it could have come from young women. Those voices do not have to come from the mailing list, to be just as valid as ours.

I'm sure that your time was better spent gathering the "credentials"
in your signature, but I checked the last 20 or so NANOG meetings and
didn't see a single registration from you, so perhaps stay out of
things you know literally nothing about.

anne has been a constructive list participant for years


Agreed. Constructive dialogue makes no requirement for prior or final agreement. More talking is better than less talking, especially when we disagree. I’d imagine that data would, at the very least, be with the PC and other members of NANOG staff; and in a manner that they can use to derive reasonable solutions for the future. Mark.

While I agree that women would know best how they want to socialize for their own interests, I don’t think that men engaging in this discussion means they are necessarily prescribing how women should do that. All I have seen so far are opinions and suggestions to a concern the OP raised, not dictation on what will eventually happen. I also do not think that male guilt is necessary for women to achieve good outcomes in our shared industry. A complimentary working relationship could be remarkably more productive, than not. Mark.


How do you know the poster’s gender??

Well said Matt, well said.


As Josh is an uncommon female name, I'm going to play the odds and say
that like Bill and I, you're male. Am I mistaken?

Bill Herrin

Mike Godwin is also male. The way things are going I wouldn't be surprised to hear from his fan club soon.

Well, Billie goes both ways :slight_smile:

Sorry, couldn’t resist.


Hi Mel,

Billie is usually female while Billy is usually male. Same sound,
different spelling.

Bill (Billy in my youth) Herrin

Don’t assume my gender. You’ll offend me.

That’s a lot of manual work lol…

Why if they identify as a billy-goat?

ROFL. networking is a stream of zeros and one’s. You are either 0 or 1 :))

Completely ignoring the real hardware layer where
it's all about eye diagrams, transitioning constantly.
Between voltage levels. Or I guess lumens. Or phase
shifts. Pick your poison^H^H^H^H^H^Htransport medium.

Your welcome!