N87: Experience Atlanta, Hackathon Kicks-Off 3, Feb + More

Experience Atlanta at NANOG 87!
Special Offers, Things To Do, Transportation, Dining, + More

NANOG 87 will take place in Atlanta, GA 13 - 15 February.

The City of Atlanta will provide discounts for dining and activities for our NANOG community. Discover Atlanta, check out the best ways to get around the city, and make the most of your experience at NANOG 87!


Still Time to Register for Hackathon 87!
Hackathon Kicks-Off Friday, 3 Feb 2023!

:point_right: Theme: Interacting With Sources of Truth
The NANOG 87 Hackathon will focus on Interacting With Sources of Truth, whether it’s a single database or a collection of correlated data from multiple sources. Such examples could include PAM, Configuration Databases, Datacenter Infrastructure Management Databases, Configuration Templates/Models, RPKI Validators, etc. You could develop a feature, fix a bug for an existing open-source solution or roll your own!


OARC-40 to Take Place After NANOG 87
OARC-40 in Same Venue as NANOG 87

OARC’s 40th Workshop will be a hybrid online and in-person meeting at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis 16 - 17 Feb. — immediately after NANOG 87 in the same venue.

NANOG 87 attendees are especially welcome as both meetings will have complementary and non-overlapping content.


Weekly NANOG TV Spotlighted Content

:movie_camera: This week’s featured NANOG TV video (171,777 views):

:point_right: :arrow_forward: Tutorial: Tutorial Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Optical Networking with Richard Steenbergen, PacketFabric

Topics include:

  • How Fiber Works

  • Optical Power

  • Working with Optics

  • DWDM

  • Dispersion and other Impairments

  • Optical Myths