my personal reality check on dual homing and backbone growth

As 1985 and 1986 progressed, the ARPAnet got more loaded as more sites
came on, but I don't have any specific statistics. Cross-country links
like the one we had through Pittsburgh (CMU, PSN #14) were apparently
the real hot spot.

BITnet was starting around then, too, mostly 9.6-19.2-56 kb links
between IBM mainframes.

It's not important to your very interesting history, but I believe that
BITNET started in 1981. It was already up to more than 1000 nodes when
we joined in 1985 with a 56 kbps link to the University of Maryland.

I remember many of the events you describe, but from the perspective of
someone responsible for our connections. We got our SURAnet connection
up in early 1988 with a Proteon p4200 and a T1 line.

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