My OECD paper on spam

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This is linked from the OECD antispam toolkit page, as part of section 8 of the antispam toolkit (Outreach)

Element 8 - Outreach

Due to the international nature of spam, it is critical that the Toolkit have
a global reach. The OECD is working in collaboration with ITU, APEC and
APECTel, and with many OECD non-member economies. Further contributions and
comments from all stakeholders are called for and appreciated.

Comments and suggestions appreciated

Operational - mentions a whole lot of things that are of concern to
operators worldwide .. starting from whois and rDNS to sending people to
attend NOG meetings, getting help from PCH / NSRC etc.


NANOG (North America) \u2013
APRICOT (Asia Pacific / Oceania) \u2013
RIPE (Europe, Middle East, North Africa, parts of Asia) \u2013
AFNOG (Africa) \u2013
SANOG (South Asia) \u2013

it's actually apops and eof