My InfoWorld Column About NANOG

I am suggesting that more of
the kind of people who ALREADY wear suits should start paying attention to
the important work NANOG is attempting and start attending your meetings so
they can pitch in on the non-engineering aspects of operating the Internet.

I noticed or was introduced to marketing folks and legal counsel from
no less than four networking corporations at the D.C. NANOG. I think
you will find that the impression that folks in suits are neither aware
of NANOG/EOF/APRICOT/IEPG nor present at some of the meetings is somewhat

Looking at the people who are quietly subscribed to the NANOG list might
also be enlightening.

I agree with you that there is not much "pitching-in on the non-engineering
aspects", however most of these people are senior enough to know that
discussing legal or economic matters in a conference that is full
of engineers is often less than very productive. Besides, I find
that NANOG is overly USA-American-centric enough without spending lots
of time discussing matters that have little to do with reality in other parts
of North America.

We have enough to talk about wrt just building an Internet that
can continue to sustain the huge growth we've been seeing on an
engineering level -- and this is of relevance to every Internet engineer
everywhere in the world -- that diluting the list and the conference
with other matters strikes me as fundamentally unwise.