MX204 Rails

We're having a ton of problems trying to find a part number for juniper rails (for an mx204) or even finding something that's compatible. I suppose we can just put the router on a rack mount shelf, but man... it's like pulling teeth to get this part number...

Does anyone know of where I can find this part number? (no, our distributer can't find the part number, and communication problems with juniper tac is making them think that we're talking about the rack)


Doesn’t the mx204 have rackmount brackets rather than rails?

It has ears at the front, and "rails" at the rear.

The MX204 would have come with the rear rails when bought new.



Have you tried the Juniper EX-4PST-RMK Rail Kit? It is listed as compatible with Juniper EX and QFX compatible, but appears to be potentially the same as the slide rail kit that comes with the MX series devices.

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Yup, the same terrible ones that came with the QFX's and ACX's.

From the crude illustration in the manual, it looks like they are the same rails as EX-4PST-RMK.

We don't have any MX204s, but the EX-4PST-RMK kit is what is used for SRX1500, for which there is no official part, along with most current EX models. It looks to be pretty universal. It also has a very stupid list price.


I just pulled an MX204 out of the box, and these are the part numbers on the 'rails'

Front section that mounts to the chassis: 760-071207 REV.03
Rear section that mounts to the rack: 760-071206 REV.04

Bag that the 'rails' were in: 760-071206 (I imagine this is the kit number)

Baggy with the chassis screws: 420-079868

I lost a set of MX204 mounting rails this year.

The EX and QFX rails are not compatible with the MX204.

The MX204 mounting kit is not sold separately (yet).

I reached out to my Juniper account team for assistance and was successful. Hopefully the MX204 mounting kit will be sold as a spare option in the future.


We have used these (purchased from ebay) as universal rails for different products. Seemed a bit better than a shelf.

Thanks Travis

I tried the Juniper EX-4PST-RMK Kit and the holes do not line up with the MX204.