Murkowski anti-spam bill could be a problem for ISPs (Sean M. Doran) wrote:

It's sad that apparently the Internet has evolved to the
point where politicians move faster than standards-makers.

I beg to disagree. The Internet has evolved to the point
where politicans make standards.

This is a sad state of affairs, indeed. Windows at 11.


Politicians pass legislation. Technologists create standards. Standards
enable. Legislation prohibits. Standards are proactive. Legislation is
reactive. If no standards, then legislation. It makes a whole lot of sense
to me and is completely unsurprising.

Legislators address public issues with legislation if industries fail to
act in the public interest -- that is part of their job. How many times
have the industry groups of *other* industries acted to stave off
restrictive legislation? It's part of the well-known process. That's the
truth and those are the consequences of failure to act.