Multiple Roots are "a good thing" - Karl Auerbach

> In other words, we need an authorized international body with
> the clout to oversee the whole mess. But then, isn't that
> what ICANN is supposed to be? (Or would you rather have the
> ITU oversee the Internet?)

some days I'd rather have the UN do it... :slight_smile:

Well, the end result would probably be the same. To quote

    In 1947, after the Second World War, the ITU held a conference
    with the aim of developing and modernizing the organization.
    Under an agreement with the United Nations, it became a
    specialized agency of the United Nations on 15 October 1947

So... If you think choosing ITU as the governing body would be bad,
it might be wise to be careful what else you wish for.


- H�vard