Multiple fiber carriers (was Re: Netrail woes)

J.D. Falk sez:

  I'd assume that everybody is currently either already doing
  this or planning to do it RSN. How can one tell, however,
  whether their carrier is using their own fiber or leasing
  Worldcom's? Or even if Worldcom has been leasing /theirs/,
  thus putting you right back on the same physical line?

Goood questions...

Before dropping money on table, demand physical ROW data.
You better also get "prior approval" on rerouting also.

This will a real snakepit. Like truckers in a convoy, fibers migrate
toward the available easements -- rail, river and pileline right of
way. Politically, they don't want you to KNOW when it's not their
fiber but a sublet, or where it is. [Vestiges of Old Bell Paranoia
-- You are not worth of knowing how it works; just pay the bill.]

And the biggest hassle may be the last mile. Do all your feeds enter
on the same side of the building?

[I can see it now.. "License Backhoes, not Guns..."]