Mr. Ferguson,'s problems with the list.


Anyone who thinks that the AUP specifically addresses any of the
threads it's been mentioned to quash in the last 14 days apparently
speaks a different version of English than I do.

It all seems to land under item 6, except for the light insults (item

DNS politics (non-ops aspect of alternic's purposeful cache
Registry politics (the "nsi-monopoly" stuff)
socioeconomic politics (the "who's a capitalist? I am!" gribbage)

While I'm at it, common courtesy says not to post private email publicly
and common sense says don't hash out broken mailers on public lists. I
expect you should hear *plonks* into .procmailrcs today.


Joe "I'm sorry, perhaps your horse isn't high enough?" Provo

(affiliation for identification, not endorsement, etc std disclaimers)